Monday, 13 August 2012


Do please tell me what you think would you buy them are they worth buying just interested thats all :)


Dishing the food!

Now i know i have been gone quite long but i did
still make several things,
the first thing i made is soup witch was really easy to make. what i used was liquid fimo a little bit of yellow chalk and two canes witch i had previously made carrot and onion.

Next i made a regular home made burger with
some chips.
As you can see i have finally got plates!!!!
i have waited for such a long time to get them
and i finally did .

Third i made dumplings or ravioli whatever
you call them but since I'm russian i do love
them alot!!!

 i would ask my mom if she can make them but instead she
put me up for it i spend one long day making
them, done now and i enjoy them
with my family as day's dinner!!
I guess i made them because i wanted them
so badly and to relieve myself i made them out of
polymer clay haha!

4th of July cake?
i don't really know much about for of July
accept that it is the day America gained
Independence, but.. i did make a cake for
the fourth of July witch well... got ruined,
it got ruined because my liquid polymer
clay never stays in place and spreads and
drips until its all over the place :(
as you can see the stained read parts on the
white they where meant to be sticky blobby
jam. hey you can still see it <-  :)