Monday, 24 June 2013

How to make your own miniature teddybear (without need of felting) (EASY)

This super cute teddybear can be made within one day! And most part of it is drying!
Follow my steps below and you should have your own unique teddy bear made it doesn't 
have to look like my one ,make yours any structure you want :)
The steps below are very detailed! SO you can even just look at the pictures!


1.You will need some wool (I was using 50% acrylic and 50% wool)
      2.Cut yourself some of the string that you need for your bear (keeping in 
mind it usually requires more than you think because the wool 
3. Cut the sting into short parts such as mine in the picture below.........

4.Split the cuts off wool with your fingers so that there is no particular shape.

       5.Find a glue that takes long to dry and make sure that its a type that hardens clear!
(I used UHU universal glue)
   6.Apply glue to the wool and mix make sure that there is enough glue but not too 
much there must not be excess glue along with the wool

          7.This part is VERY messy your hand will be covered in glue. Grab some of your 
             gunky mixture and mold it into rough shapes of your teddybear body parts. My
               technique of molding was to grab how much i need fold in the sticking out hairy 
         strands , then fold my piece into shape and roll it off a dry surface to shape :)
   8. Your parts will most likely be hairy like mine below but that will all be fixed!
           9. Leave your parts to dry fully (Halfway through drying you can always mold your 
parts a bit better as it is easier)
 10. After your pieces have dried cut off the parts sticking out such as what I'm 
doing in the picture below. will have all your dry parts and YOU can now stick them together! or what
I did was i made the paws and legs movable its really your choice! You can also 
add decoration to your bear give him a scarf!
 12.Add the snout (if you made one)you can sow on the mouth like i did and draw 
on the eyes or glue them!
 13. You have your own unique bear!