Saturday, 5 November 2011

How to make a Strawberry

How to make a Strawberry

1. first these are the colours you will need in the photo below (apple white and Dark green) 

2.Roll your white into a round strip thickness of whatever sise your strawberry will be.

3.cut of a piece of your strip of and mold it into a strawberry shape with one side thicker than the other as seen on the left

4.get a tool such as tooth pick and place the strawberry on it with the thicker side.

 5.To create the strawberry redness on the white strawberry you will need to get a soft red pastel as seen in photo 1.
Once you have your pastel get a dry paintbrush and rub it against pastel so the redness will transfer to the brush.

6.Finally get your powdered paint brush and rub it on your white strawberry to get its redness.For a more strawberry affect you can go dark from tip to light in the top like so in the picture.

 7.Next get your green and roll it into a really thin strip.

8.cut from your strip five (5) short pieces

9. flatted them (optional)

 10.get a toothpick and pick up each short piece one by one and place it on top of the strawberry.Once you have all 5 pieces on the strawberry get your toothpick and press the middle into the hole you should have left from step 4.
Now you have a Strawberry


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