Thursday, 7 June 2012

♡ A Box For A Hat ♡

You will need 2 small containers i used these
from candles.
measure the length+width of the side and cut a piece of paper out with your measurements do this 4 times
what you will also need is a copy of the circle one of the inside one of the outside make 2 each.

once you have all the measurements perfect you can go pick out fabric or nice decor paper I'm using wallpaper .Do the same using your previous cuts to get the perfect pieces.Now you can stick them on.
Now you need to get one of your metal containers and cut the side exactly in half. Once its cut in half cut one of your wallpaper pieces in half and take one of the 3 other uncut pieces.Leave those aside.

get all your 4 circles and stick them on to where they should be.

getting your cut strip and uncut strip.
Stick your thin strip on the inside of your cut container. Following that get your uncut one and stick it on the outside of it and your top should look like the one in the picture.

Getting your last 2 strips put them on to your other container
(if you want a ridge like the one in the picture for your bottom part simply cut out a slightly thicker strip than all the other and stick it on the inside.)

Find a piece of ribbon stick it on the top part of the top piece and stick it on the bottom of  the bottom part like so in the picture

If you have remaining ribbon you can tie it around the whole box together!

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