Saturday, 23 March 2013

Room Box Project Start

 In September i started a project! where my plan was to make a room box! upon deciding that it will be a bedroom i headed straight in my plan was to have everything made by me from scratch.
My theme was based around a floral like cottage that's not too old in style :)
Once i had my roombox made i really went for the easiest floor to make (out of lollipop sticks)
very painful and boring process i might say haha 

           I started with the bare bones such as the flooring making the window ,panelling and some main
                                                                      furniture ,etc
         One of the reasons i was ready to make the room fully handmade was because i had collected soo       many ideas over time :) ...and i don't like the fact of cheating by putting in things you bought haha
          after i had varnished my wood i added the wallpaper and then i went on to give the room some      character ^.^

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