Sunday, 5 February 2012

Cute Hair Flower (non miniature)

Will need: leather,rough cloth ,glue,button,scissors,sharp art knife,crocodile clip and lighter or lighting candle
Hey guys i know i haven't been here in a long long time well its just i was buzy you know Christmas and stuff then again Ive run out of ideas 0.0 personally i have this HUGE list of ideas but i cant seem to think of the best way to make them ???? So while i stumpered on my thoughts i decided to show you how to make something NON  miniature.
Step 1:
to make this type of flower you need to find a
piece of leather and some piece of rough cloth
preferably clashing with the leather you can
either choose bright colours for a more girly
style or deeper colours a more feminine look.
What you need to do is draw a  flower on
your piece of leather and when done cut it
out carefully (its ok flower doesn't have to
                                                      be perfect.

Step 2+3: (optional not for kids)
once you have your first flower cut out go ahead and make
another one tracing your cut out one.This shouldn't be
dangerous but it will smell of smoke so i would recommend
doing it outside. Get one of your flower pieces and a lighter
gently hold your piece of flower and putthe one of the petals
just about to the flame but not touching it your petal should
curl up fast repeat this with all the others (curl tiny bit)

Step 4:
Get your rough piece of cloth and trace the
leather flower to make one on the cloth and

Step 5: 
(NOT FOR KIDS) Get your 3 flower pieces and lie them out
in front of you.
Then get a sharp tool for cutting like in the
picture and cut a small X in the middle of
each flower this will act as a way to put
the flowers together OR you can stick them
together too.

Step 6:
Get a plain button or a button like i have in the picture which will be put through the cutting
in step 5 to keep the flowers together. If
you do not have one such as mine get a plain
button and some string.

Step 7:
Get all your 3 flower pieces and one by
put them through using the holes you made
in step 5 .once you have done so secure
the button.
If you do not have this type of button
simply sow your flowers together and
and a plain button on top with glue or
with string.( its looking like a flower now!)

Step 8:
The last crafty thing you have to do few! well
unless putting it on is crafty? 0.o. Anyway
heat up that glue gun of just get plain glue
and look for a crocodile clip old or plain
any thing will do as you can see mine had
a cat on it bye kitty >.<. Once your glue
gun is hot attach the flower to the clip

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  1. Hi Anna! You make some really cute miniatures and non-minis on your blog! I love that ham you made--it's so realistic-looking! I'm looking forward to seeing more and so glad I found your blog today! :-) Jennifer