Monday, 13 February 2012

Pancake Tutorial

What your going to need is a dry paint
brush ,some peach or skin polymer clay,
rounded edge tool such as a toothbrush
and a soft brown pastel!
What were going to start off with is the
shape of the pancake get your clay and
roll it out, once you have done that you
can keep it circular or mishape it for a
more natural look.
For this step your going to need a tool
with a large round tip what i am using
is a tooth brush yes i know i know but
it works great
Use your rounded tool and start creating
texture like you see in the picture make
sure to not over do it.
When you are applying the texture create
some dents smaller than the other for a
more natural look.
Using the paintbrush rub it off your
brown pastel a few times then gently
cover the pancake using the powder
on your brush its will take a few times
to cover it fully to a toasty look!.
In the end you should have a PANCAKE!

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